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all stops bus

When you're too lazy/drunk to read a map ---this bus will get you home... eventually
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This bus is, say, bright orange. It goes to every bus stop in the city in a long weaving route. It might take hours, but you will get home. Extra comfortable seats allow you to sleep.
futurebird, Oct 08 2001


       But it would be really expensive to hire a taxi to go to every stop in the city.   

       Seattle's bus service pretty much shuts down (except for a few routes) between around 2am and 6am. Perhaps all the routes could be condensed into a few all-stop buses during that time, and save me the occasional walk home. (Except that I find walking home at 3am fairly pleasant, as long as I don't have to do it often.)   

       Already baked are services that are a sort of cross between a bus and a taxi --- passengers get on, tell the driver where they want to go, and the driver drives around and drops people off in a somewhat-efficient order. This would avoid the inefficiency of having the all-stops bus visit all of the empty bus stops when nobody wants to get on or off. If you habitually get too drunk to tell the driver where to drop you off, you could have your name and address printed on a tag which you wear around your wrist or neck (or big toe).
wiml, Oct 11 2001


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