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analog speedometer

a speedometer which requires less thought.
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yes, most speedometers are analog. but this one would be very analog. instead of telling you your speed in mph/kph, it would tell you in english how fast you are going. i.e. instead of 35, 55, or 70, it would say "moderately quick", "speedy", and "quite fast."

if you went too fast, say over ninety-five, a little red flag would pop up (think, the 'expired' flag on a parking meter) replacing "really fast" with "HOLY CRAP!"

shrinkydinx, May 31 2003


       At 95+, my car says "Yaaaaaay!" Just like it did only 12 hours ago.
thumbwax, May 31 2003

       Like the "Rain", "Change" and "Fair" markings on all barometers, this idea is passe. So passe that it was never invented. -
phundug, May 31 2003

       That's a funny notion [phundug] - something that's so old it was never new.
snarfyguy, May 31 2003

       That's what I need. I just passed a "HOLY CRAP!' speed sign a few miles back and had no idea what it meant.
Cedar Park, Jun 01 2003

       My tide-clock reads “Low”, “Slack”, and “High”.
Shz, Jun 01 2003

       Would they be available in foreign languages for import cars? Make mine Italian-- lento, adagio, adante, allegretto, allegro, vivace, MAMA MIA!
ConsultingDetective, Jan 31 2004


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