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anti-mugger airbag

back-borne bag bonks baddies
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In the event that you are mugged in Philadelphia by two ruffians who approach from behind and hold a gun to your neck, wouldn't it be nice to have an airbag worn on your back? (I don't recommend the experience.) Just say the safeword ("rutabaga," perhaps) as casually as you can manage, and BOP! Airbag deploys, providing enough opportunity for you to cut and run. At least, until backwards-facing, wearable airbags are outlawed, in which case Only outlaws will have backwards-facing, wearable airbags, and more's the pity. The low level of voice recognition necessary is probably all found on a $3 chip available at RadioShack, and I know that airbag technology is fairly mature. Just need to mount it in a somewhat-normal jacket, carefully constructed to yield at the moment of truth.
yhtomit, Dec 07 2005


       what if you are mugged from the front? will the distr4action be enough? or will you get a cap in the face?
Yosarian, Dec 07 2005

       I've never visited Philadelphia (though I've had it on a few sandwiches) - would this idea work in other cities, or for different numbers of n'er-do-wells?
Or is it inherently geographically limited?
coprocephalous, Dec 07 2005

       // Airbag deploys, providing enough opportunity for you to cut and run.//.... screaming "The Bells, The Bells"....
skinflaps, Dec 07 2005

       what about an airbag that goes off at the front aswell?
Yosarian, Dec 07 2005

       It would help null out the recoil. You would certainly be all a-swell.
coprocephalous, Dec 07 2005

       How about a concealed blood pack that you get to go off. The perps will think that they're being sniped at by a hidden gunman and take flight screaming? even better you could have flourecent paint for when its dark and bleed in a predetor like fashion?
Yosarian, Dec 07 2005

       wouldnt the rapidly expanding air sacks be detrimental to ant nearby genitalia?
Yosarian, Dec 07 2005


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