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anti Teacher-Dictatorship Board

some just can't be left alone
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eventhough many teachers are hardworking people, some are jaded, currupted, or plain clueless to the degree that cancels out what benifit schools might provide to kids. the current teacher evaluation system is no where adequate, only sending one observer a year(or so) to a class. I propose that members of PTA, or better yet parents who have the time/effort to oversee ther own children do so on a regular basis (twice a week?). they would have an official organization that is recognized and respected by the school administration. these observers would serve as check for some teacher's almost-dictatorial power over the student, much like the check-and-balance property of US gov. Sadly,ether students by themselves are too naiive to detect such bullshit, or when they are able to, the students' just opinions/objections are dismissed along with petty whine of other students'.
synergy~, Oct 19 2003


       I'd like to see more observers "sebdinged" into classes, but only because it's a made up word that sounds slapstick and comical.   

       Rather than see more mechanisms to judge teachers, I'd prefer to see more observers in classes who judge whether particular pupils are worthy of being taught by a particular teacher. Some of the best teachers I ever had would do badly by this scheme - their attitude was, if you want to learn, then I'll bend over backwards to keep you interested: but if you can't be arsed with me trying to help you, than I can't be arsed trying trying to help you. Seemed fair enough to me.   

       Teachers are overworked as it is. And also underpaid. They could do without more examiners snapping at their heels.   

       I read a story once about a western traveller visiting a Zen a monastery for a couple of weeks. The traveller asked the head monk, "what will I learn from my time here?" The monk pissed himself laughing. "Why are you asking me that? I have no idea. That's up to you."
lostdog, Oct 19 2003

       {lostdog}, I agree with you on the unfair situations many teachers are in. But for those who would not lend you an ear *even if* you are dying to learn, this scheme might work. Alas, this is a half baked idea. What if the examiners can also "snap heels" at those lazy students?
synergy~, Oct 19 2003


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