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array of rotating magnets

Simulate a spin liquid
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Imagine an array of permanent magnets; each magnet is rotatably mounted on a flat base so that the north-south poles spin around.

The magnets are separated at a distance such they can affect the adjacent magnets.

If the array is a triangular array, the magnets will be in an unstable (or maybe meta-stable) configuration. If one magnet is rotated, adjacent magnets will be rotated; the effect will ripple through the array of magnets. See link to frustrated magnetism.

The surface of each magnet is coloured; e.g. three segments, each segment a different colour.

This would be an interesting display for a science museum. It could be mounted vertically and make a piece of dynamic art.

xaviergisz, Sep 06 2022

Frustrated magnetism https://en.wikipedi...ated_magnetism.webm
[xaviergisz, Sep 06 2022]

Quantum spin liquid https://en.wikipedi...Quantum_spin_liquid
[xaviergisz, Sep 06 2022]

Buncha these would be cheap https://www.kjmagne...il.asp?prod=R424DIA
[a1, Sep 06 2022]

Perpetual Motion with spinning magnets. https://youtu.be/BSdSDfOWbNs
Be sure to watch to the end. [a1, Sep 06 2022]

Frustrated magnet display https://www.youtube...watch?v=CD-t5yHT7ME
[a1, Sep 06 2022]


       Just checking; is the triangle in which the magnets are arrayed in the same plane in which they are free to rotate, and perpendicular to their axes of rotation?
pertinax, Sep 06 2022

       Do they have to be bar magnets? The linked round ones are pretty small and wouldn't make much of an art display - but are really low cost for proof of concept.
a1, Sep 06 2022

       Interesting. Artistic and sciency. [+]
doctorremulac3, Sep 06 2022

       Got to be a way to incorporate into a perpetual motion machine. Hmm.
whatrock, Sep 06 2022

       // perpetual motion //   

       Sure. Linked ;)
a1, Sep 06 2022

       My brain gave out at visualizing the second order magnetic field interactions. Can someone please just tell me how it ends?
Voice, Sep 06 2022

       [xaviergisz], does the "frustrated magnet display" link look like what you had in mind?
a1, Sep 06 2022

       Nice find, a1. Similar concept, but different to what I had in mind. The "frustrated magnet display" has the axes of rotation parallel to the base. My idea is the axes of rotation are perpendicular to the base.   

       I'm thinking if getting a sheet of plastic laser cut with an array of holes which each contain a diametrically magnetised cylindrical magnet. A sheet of clear plastic over the top and bottom will keep the magnets in place while allowing them to freely rotate.
xaviergisz, Sep 06 2022

       // diametrically magnetised cylindrical magnet //   

       Yep, that's what I was thinking with my first link from KJM. But the tiny cheap ones might not make a very impressive display. And the big ones are devilishly expensive, at $6.66 each for a tube 1" in diameter an 1/4" thick.   

       Edit: Oh wait - I imagined tubular magnets on a kind of pegboard - thinking you'd put each one onto its own spindle. Your embodiment would be better and allow for cheaper magnets.
a1, Sep 06 2022

       I've got about 750 3mm (diameter) x 6mm (length) diametric cylindrical magnets (which I bought for another project). They cost 10 cents each. My idea at the moment is: I'll get a ring shaped housing (outer diameter about 8mm) laser cut that each magnet can fit snugly into. Then I'll get a "David's star" array with about 400 8.05mm holes (10mm hole separation) laser cut.
xaviergisz, Sep 06 2022

       <fascinated but without input> (+)   

       The magnet display is for kids. Adults use properly boring displays like static Klein bottles and Newton's Cradle.
Voice, Sep 07 2022


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