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at-home Camouflage teleprompter

remind yourself why you don't support (poltico's name here) position
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like the framed "picture" that can receive jpegs over the phone line, this "picture" can be fed large text talking points to tip you off to the opinions you hold so strongly (but cannot remember) when arguing with the other party sitting (by no accident) just under the picture of Uncle Roy and his seven pound lunker. A voice command or remote could switch the image from "normal" to "helpful".
clinging, Dec 15 2003


       Thanks for setting me straight: this is serious fun; I apologize.
clinging, Dec 15 2003

       please tell me that 'lunker' is not slang for 'knob'?
dobtabulous, Dec 16 2003

       7lb lurcher? Oh its a fish!?! (one he caught earlier?)   

       how will it know the appropriate opinion?
po, Dec 16 2003


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