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Use gun shot audio recognition for flagging streammed video
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I am just wondering whether streamed signal can be analyzed, on the fly, for firearm use. A gun's firing sound is very distinctive and would have a unique, average pattern (multitude of different weapon makes) in the audio part of a digital stream.

The live stream can then be blocked and sent to authorities to be immediately actioned. Just because the stream is blocked, doesn't mean the data is lost rather the publishing can be delayed if a valid and socially healthy endeavor is found. There is going to be a delay with distance anyway.

This does open up, the how much or what should be censored because back end programming is needed for the constant search and block.

The obvious work around would be to not send sound but that also stops commentary. A processing filter could also be used but digital footprints would show manipulation and also wouldn't cover tempo of auditory signals.

Alternatively the moral onus could rest solely with the watcher to turn away or if in scope, take action.

wjt, Mar 23 2019


       Joo janta specs?   

       I was a little about firearms distinctive sounds, I am guessing one ak47 sounds much like every other ak47? The most destructive is the sound of any AKB48 imho
not_morrison_rm, Mar 23 2019

       //Joo Janta Specs// No personal responsibility but in the wrong place it doesn't matter because the underling law is fright,flight or fight. Unless trained (shhh) or an exceptional human being.   

       // sound of any AKB48// I agree, the most ground up damage to societies young social mind could be done with some type of infectious lyrical hit. Hasn't it always been that way?   

       I was considering whether all gun shell explosive has a unique soundprint. I realise now I could be in that murky dark grey 'neither confirm or deny' territory which is probably passe but now done on major internet highways.
wjt, Mar 24 2019

       Any kind of explosive sound is pretty distinctive if you're there in person, but I'm not sure recorded gunshots are distinctive enough to be reliably identified. Even in person, it can be hard. There's a car that parks at the mall near my house that's always backfiring (probably modified to do so…) that sounds quite like a gun if you're not expecting it.   

       // Alternatively the moral onus could rest solely with the watcher to turn away or if in scope, take action. //   

       IIRC, there were several hundred (?) people watching the Christchurch terroristic mass shooting live on Facebook, and none of them reported it. Maybe people who watch these things live quickly form the opinion that they should not be censored. Or maybe people who don't want to watch them live quickly close them without thinking to report.
notexactly, Mar 28 2019

       True, a very low percent are going to report.   

       And I'm in the dark as to the level of monitoring by authorities, automated or otherwise.The bigger countries, I guess, would have more encompassing tentacles over a bigger data set.   

       A warning ping on repeated temporal automated sonic spikes, even a false one, seems intelligent.
wjt, Mar 30 2019


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