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automatic chat threading

automatically keyword-match in order to group comments by topic
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Many chatrooms become unusable due to multiple simultaneous conversations, forcing the conversation toward the lowest common denominator and attention-grabbing interrupts. A program could intelligently determine which messages are replying to which thread, and thus display multiple simultaneous conversations separately, within a single chat room and with a single text entry box for the user. Comments gaining more replies would gain additional space, while ignored off-topic comments would be quickly hidden. This would enable chatrooms to naturally and automatically fractally segment.
sninctown, Jan 05 2014


       Automatically fractally segment? huh?
popbottle, Jan 06 2014

       In other words: use AI to sort annotations by topic. For example, if the HB had this system then an AI would guess which annotations were replying to which other annotations. Then, the AI would display the entire contents of the HB as a single giant fractal: topics/keywords connected by red lines indicating the strength of connection between those keywords. Zooming in on a topic would display subtopics, ideas, and annotations; all complete with red lines to other annotations/topics/keywords. Again, this display of the HB would be a single giant poster (building-sized) covered in annotations connected by red lines, which I shall call the HB-fractal. When a user starts to type a new annotation, the AI would "automatically fractally segment" this annotation by automatically zooming to the most relevant part of the HB-fractal (most red line connections and shortest line length) and would add the annotation there.   

       More specifically, imagine the HB-fractal is a map of one's preferred country overlaid with every HB annotation ever made. These annotations are organized by an AI which attempts to sort them in a way that isn't too unreasonable. Red-colored lines connecting these annotations are "roads" and the AI tries to place new annotations onto the HB-fractal map in positions which minimize the total amount of road needed.
sninctown, Nov 11 2018

       This would be useful for those ideas that turn into political debate pages [+]   

       Edit: It could be implemented as a browser extension! Then it would work on any site that has flat comments.
notexactly, Nov 11 2018

       // This would be useful for those ideas that turn into political debate pages //   

       Yeah, well, that's just the sort of thing that Hitler would say.
8th of 7, Nov 11 2018


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