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automatic clock reset...

...for every damn thing in the house.
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reminder to the U.K. - the clocks go back tonight.

and that means changing every damn appliance in the house (with the exception of the computer which thoughtfully does it for you).

and so begins the twice-yearly ritual of wandering around the house and adjusting everything from the cooker to the cat's automatic feeder.

now if everything were hooked up to a central remote control, wouldn't everything be lovely?

btw, there is talk of re-adjusting the way we put the clocks back and forth which involves putting the clocks on an hour next March (?) and then not putting them back November 2007 and then putting them forward again the following spring and then...

po, Oct 28 2006

phoenix did it better. DST_20Clocks
[po, Oct 28 2006]

Smart house http://www.x10.com/activehomepro/
this is an extreme way to go, but would shirley solve the prob. [dentworth, Oct 28 2006]


       The next change will be in March (for the US, anyhow) instead of April.
Shz, Oct 28 2006

       Bugger, darkness is upon us.So I'll have to put my clock back to the summer of 2005.
skinflaps, Oct 28 2006

       nah, just trying to coax phoe back!
po, Oct 28 2006

skinflaps, Oct 28 2006

       Kind of funny that [phoenix] came up with a DST adjustment idea. In Phoenix, Az they don't observe DST. Until I figured that out, it confused the heck out of me the time I was visiting there.
Zimmy, Oct 28 2006

       I am pretty sure the computer controlled house does this. I've been in a wealthy fellow's house In the Wash. DC area, who has his entire house, lights, timers, alarms, CD and dvd players,and appliances on a computer controller. We saw the console panel in his basement. A marvelous lighted array of gizmos, and buttons.
dentworth, Oct 28 2006

       what it would be to be wealthy! I'd have such fun with my guests - tipping them out of bed in the dead of night. moving the loo paper holder further and further from their reach...
po, Oct 28 2006

       HaH! trust [po] to make mischief
dentworth, Oct 28 2006

       you're welcome my dear.
po, Oct 28 2006

       + I'm placing my bun here for the evil toilet paper holder that [21Quest] got from [po].
xandram, Oct 28 2006

       just noticed my kitchen radio has a DST button.
dentworth, Oct 31 2006

       I wonder if a programable power outage(not the grid just your own house) would work. Produced at exactly the right time it would start your clock over and there would be no need to reset them all (unless you use a battery powered).
Chefboyrbored, Nov 01 2006

       Or just move half an hour once, and leave it for the rest of the time. Try to remember whether to turn up to things early or late.
dbmag9, Nov 01 2006

       chef, a power cut tends to leave the clock at some quite random time.
po, Nov 01 2006

       //chef, a power cut tends to leave the clock at some quite random time// the random time my clock restarts at is 12 pm, guess most of them dont.
Chefboyrbored, Nov 01 2006

       I think you might be right!
po, Nov 01 2006

       thank you Ian. :)
po, Nov 01 2006

       Ian, I suggetsted a programable power cut, not a random one. My clock for whatever reason starts to keep time from when the power is turned back on, the time it starts at is 12 pm.
Chefboyrbored, Nov 01 2006

       My wrist-watch is radio-controlled by the MSF clock at Rugby, as are my bedside clock-radio and my mantel clock.
angel, Nov 02 2006

       Unfortunately, since the U.S. government can't seem to settle upon when daylight saving time should start/end, any device which tries to switch automatically, other than in response to a broadcast signal, is apt to become obsolete.
supercat, Nov 02 2006


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