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an adaptive video game genre
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This is a class of video games that bring the player from a frenetic, "have to get to the next level" mindset, ie donkey Kong, to a mindful centered awareness, ie guided meditation, over the course of the game, by enticing you in and then progressing you to a meditative state, so that it would be ok, for instance, if you just sat down in the middle of the Donkey Kong field and jjust did nothing and no barrels would roll over you.
JesusHChrist, Sep 19 2012

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       I used to play Conquer Online MMORPG (before they bloated it up into its current money-grubbing version). Despite being a _very_ PvP oriented game at the time, there were plenty of areas that were either...   

       - mandated non-PVP by game mechanics
- natural meditative spot as a result of locale soothing FX
- mutually agreed upon by (senior)Players as being neutral

       or combinations of the above.   

       very baked.
FlyingToaster, Sep 19 2012

       Oh God. Not another online pokie game?
Lesser Spotted Kiwi, Sep 20 2012

       This is a bit of a WIBNI - you don't say anything about how the game would bring you to this "meditative state".
hippo, Sep 20 2012

       [hippo] Maybe one gets so tired of playing they fall asleep...
xandram, Sep 20 2012


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