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bank of karma

keeping track of karma
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Karma is a philosophical concept probably summed up as a sum total of everything that an individual is doing or has done. Wikipedia does a better job of explaining it. A combination of collaborative categorization and filtering (folksonomy) with peer ranking (as in Ebay) would make for a good karma bank.

Take for example, the problem of good travel advice and services and finding such on the internet. One could come up with a system where a would be backpacker would pose a question asking for a place to stay at a place he/she is travelling to and possibly also a travel guide when he/she gets there in exchange for something other than money, possibly a similar arrangement for future travels to his/her own hometown. Another person responds saying he/she would like to take it up as an offer. This person has a karma rank listing all the good he's done in the past. The tag for this would be travel or perhaps backpacking.

The concepts describe here borrow from systems developed by various organizations including craigslist.org, various auction sites, del.icio.us etc. It's not meant to be a barter system though. It matches the economy more along the lines of burningman.

There are various hurdles to this of course, and none of them technical. There is a problem of bootstrapping, getting enough people with enough karma online to get the system chugging along and for newer people to trust the site.

The other more fundamental problem is the problem of good intent, not everyone will have it. There is bound to be malicious people trying to take advantage of the system for rapid gains. But then again, there are sites out there already which have defied this and are still going strong.

lapax, Jul 20 2005

karma bank http://www.payitfor...roups/KarmaBank.htm
similar name, entirely different focus [lapax, Jul 28 2005]

another karma bank idea http://www.joekloce.../06/karma-bank.html
again entirely different focus [lapax, Jul 28 2005]


       Great idea, but HOW are you going to do it?
zen_tom, Jul 20 2005

       I'm not entirely sure how this typifies fascism, since there's no point of single control. The quasi-religious term you refer to is not quasi, it's pretty much a fully accepted concept in a lot of eastern religions. But, that's besides the point. It's used as the title here to capture the essence of what the system will be designed to do. In any case, the comments are helpful criticism and are always welcome..
lapax, Jul 20 2005

       I assume its mascot would be a variety of chameleon.
hidden truths, Jul 29 2005


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