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drinks food rota

drink & food rota
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I'm thinking of developing a site that allows teams to register their email and drink (or snack).

When it's time for eveyone to have a drink the site emails a random member with the list of the order, also mails the other members with a feedback critique to score the maker on his/her efforts. (Accuracy of order, quality, quantity, spillage, promptness)

spekky, Jul 27 2001

Live site http://www.iMadeItLast.com
Drink & Food rota [spekky, Jul 27 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       OK, I downloaded a 1.66 M zip file, watched a 3 minute .avi, and I *still* can't see why.
angel, Jul 27 2001

       We have about 11 guy's in the office. Arguments used to be frequent about who makes the rounds, who gets the rolls, who made them last, 'well I made three rounds yesterday, you haven't made any today' , 'I've made one round and only recieved 3 drinks back, i'm not making anymore until I get 10 drinks back.' etc etc etc....   

       I proberly didn't show the basic function too well in the demo. - sorry :-C
spekky, Jul 27 2001

       Baked! you've stumbled on the exact working specification of the sosaasijgebroodje (sp?) appreciation society ordering system implemented during a 'quiet' phase in the project at Automaatiseering sociaal Verzekerheid (ASZ) in the netherlands circa 1997.
key-aero, Jul 27 2001

       Do you have a link for that?
spekky, Jul 27 2001


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