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bard-wire fence

Fence that you can sing or play
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You can choose any number of songs to use for your bard-wire fence. In this particular example, "Amazing Grace" has been roughly translated into native American Navaho.

Illustration is self explanatory.

Sing, and play along as you ride the range.

xenzag, Dec 26 2006

Barbed wire http://www.barbwire...arbedwireimages.htm
there are actually thousands of different types [xenzag, Dec 26 2006]

Bard-wire-fence illustration https://sodabred.tu...d-idea-by-xenzag-on
musical wire with plenty of sharps [xenzag, Mar 02 2018]

The recipe has been filmed (Hit the arrow - 1/4 the way in) https://www.nzonscr...ial-1999/background
Just has to be properly baked. [wjt, Mar 03 2018]


       The mechanics are simple - cut out metal shapes and other musical symbols with sharp edges, act as the barbs. The lyrics are similar. All are individually attached, although a machine could probably be devised to produce long, repetitive stretches, like the refrains or choruses.
xenzag, Dec 26 2006

       No machine ! You just use the wire as linear sheet music, as you travel along.... going anti-clockwise, means you get to play it all in reverse of course.
xenzag, Dec 26 2006

       So, the notes and words and such are just sharp and would cut you if you touched it? So it's just a "pretty" version of barbed/razor wire?
emjay, Dec 26 2006

       there's nothing sharper than a few well chosen words.... yours can say "Don't stand so - don't stand so close to me'' and be accompanied by the sheet music, so that you can pretend to be Sting of the Police as you patrol your garden.
xenzag, Dec 26 2006

       Didn't need to read the author, the excruciating title gave it away. A very nice idea. [+]
hidden truths, Dec 26 2006

       I can picture the singing cowboy, guitar on horseback, riding fence, playing what he sees, and playing the occasional flat note as he comes to a place where the fence has been repaired.
normzone, Dec 26 2006

       banjo, shirley?
hidden truths, Dec 26 2006

Jinbish, Feb 26 2007

       don't get caught up in the chorus lines !
xenzag, Feb 26 2007

       Yeah. It'll be rag-time for your clothes.
Jinbish, Feb 26 2007

       // playing the occasional flat note as he comes to a place where the fence has been repaired// - The rest are all a little sharp...
wagster, Feb 26 2007

       maybe make the notes from jagged glass tubes that will resonate to the desired note, while still being *sharp*. Or, have several <hollow> posts and tension the wires to pitch to create edgetones and have the fence play the music for you.
bleh, Feb 26 2007

       Can't wait for the electrified Fender Stratocaster model...
csea, Feb 26 2007

       I like this idea [+].   

       //going anti-clockwise, means you get to play it all in reverse of course.//   

       I had a music teacher tell me once that Bach (i believe) once wrote a piece for two organs where one read from the bottom of the page up, and the other read from the top pf the page down. I've never been able to confirm the exsistance of said piece though.
bleh, Feb 27 2007

       [bleh] Try looking for Bach's "crab canon". Haydn also wrote a movement of Symphony No. 47 that is palindromic.
csea, Feb 27 2007

       i'll look into it, thanks.
bleh, Feb 28 2007

       Great idea. No matter how you slice it.
MoreCowbell, Feb 28 2007

       See last link...... I'm gradually reposting all of my illustrated ideas with links to this Tumblr respository
xenzag, Mar 02 2018

       [xen], mon amie, I think it's important that you know that a "bard" in English means a poet, rather than a musician.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 04 2018

       "In medieval Gaelic and British culture, a bard was a professional story teller, verse-maker and music composer" (wiki) If you read the idea again, you will note that it's an idea for a type of sheet music, in the form of a fence, and not a musician. The illustration explains all. Click on the underlined bit and it will open, and you can sing along. ha
xenzag, Mar 04 2018

       Nice. I don't see any reason why each note can't play its own note. Little nitinol springs all coiling and uncoiling as the temperature changes during the day striking each in turn.   


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