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battle planner for Eve Online

transmit coordinates and win battles with them
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This Eve Online expansion pack would allow 3-D battle plans to be created for fleets and transmitted to each ship in the fleet as a line to follow at various speeds and with various instructions along the way.

Imagine a fleet admiral needs a half wedge formation of destroyers to threaten one side of a titan and force it away from ideal placement.

He would use this tool to draw the formation in space and transmit it to the right number of destroyers. The first attacking ship would see a line in space with a speed written on it in his HUD and instructions (also written out in space on his line) about what defenses to use. The second destroyer may see a slower speed on his line and then the same speed so he falls a little behind but then stays in position, slightly off to one side.

The attacking ships could use this vector whilst focusing on their own immediate tactics allowing a much better coordinated attack.

Voice, Apr 21 2014

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