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better mono/tri pod

an extension arm with camera mount that allows you to keep your video camera nearby
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I'm drooling over the new Canon D7, that is a still camera with an HD video camera built in.

Until i get it though, I would like to have an "extension arm" on my monopod. (Or tripod)

Say I am shooting sports, and I have my SLR still camera on my monopod. and I want to switch to video. Where's my video camera? In my backpack? No!! It's in by case way over there. OH WAIT. I left it back at my home, secreted away near my bed... (hot date)

Who knows where it is. I can never find it when i need it. But if I had an extension arm, I could keep my video camera mounted right there on my monopod. Turned on, aimed forward, and all I would have to do is move my head about 8 inches and push the record button.

Even if i did have my digital video camera on a lanyard around my neck. Then what? I have to deal with the still camera first. Lay it down on the grass or go put it in a safer place. Where it's out of reach, or worse, out of sight.

r_kreher, Oct 08 2010




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