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bluetooth cinema

personalize your experience
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since so many people nowadays use bt headsets and so many people have screaming kids and for some reason they both show up at every movie i go to, why not make the best of it,

imagine a stereo BT headset that syncs with the film and delivers the low bass sounds only in the theatre, that way you still feel the low frequency sounds and hear all the rest of the film like dialogue and such in your ears and NOTHING ELSE!

just a thought

Arcanus, Nov 22 2008


       Could also be an aid to the hearing-impaired, and allow different languages to be used simultaneously. [+]
8th of 7, Nov 22 2008

       Also hear in the most comfortable volume you want.   

       Allow others to use Mobile phoned.   

       You can also choose whether to censor obscenities or not.
kamathln, Nov 22 2008

       [+] Great idea. Bring your own noise canceling earphones and plug in or BT. Volume control is a must. Did you ever notice that the advertisements and the previews play at twice as loud as the movie you came to watch.
theGem, Nov 22 2008

       Why not stay at home? [-]   

       You can avoid all the enormous, dripping members of Parliament as well.
mylodon, Nov 22 2008

       [Ian Tindale]//If, instead of the relatively distant screen, a closer but smaller screen giving an equivalent field of view was placed in front of each audience member//   

       Why do you want to go to a theatre?
kamathln, Nov 23 2008

       sp. loud
neelandan, Nov 23 2008

       Theaters are shared emotional journeys.   

       If you can't hear some woman shouting,   

       "Don' you be openin' dat doah! Yo gonna get yo self kilt! Don' you be opening dat dam doah!'   

       Then you are missing the a certain emotional connection with the rest of society. Or, and I don't know if this happens anymore, a collective gasp of wonder and/or realization.
mylodon, Nov 23 2008

       I go to the cinema for the sound quality - not the sort of weedy noise I get through Bluetooth. [-]
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Nov 23 2008


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