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bomp-womp-zonk lock

Keep away from curious children.
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Resembling an infant's activity center, this lock requires a particular sequence of sliding, hitting, squeezing, and turning of various brightly-colored, noise-making sliders, buttons, plush animals, and rubber knobs to open. Fisher-Price expands their product line.
oatcake, May 09 2003

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       Damn - was it two or three honks of the clown's nose? Forgot to tie the shoe first - now I've got to start over. +
Worldgineer, May 09 2003

       <1940's radio drama narrator's voice>
Suddenly --
<lightning flash/crash of thunder>

       ...the land was plagued with roving packs of infant burglars!
beauxeault, May 09 2003

       Now which one is it that I have to make the ‘gaa’ sound at, and which one do I have to drool on? (+)
Shz, May 09 2003

urbanmatador, May 09 2003

       Full points. But why limit it to locks? The BWZ Interface by Fischer Price could be used on microwave ovens, televisions, radios, and many other devices.
bungston, Jun 11 2003

       lock up the drinks cabinet and the medicine box. +1
po, Nov 20 2003

       Cognative testing - should replace drug testing. If you cannot operate the lock, then you are stoned---go home
doorknob, Nov 26 2003


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