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bowing man

Electrostatic sprung desktop toy
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The Leyden jar foils move away from each other because of the build up of like charges repelling each other.

How far a part could this action be taken? I was imagining hydraulics but with electrostatics. Two jars connected by a tube and massively charged up negatively. Each jar has a syringe plunger embedded in the side. The tip of which is an independent negatively charged space. There would have spaces for the positive charge to reside but not interfere with the action transmission. Friction on the syringes would have to balanced against amount of charge.

A bowing business man desktop toy could use this by having a button on one side of the desk connected via a tube to the figure. Pressing the button makes him bow subserviently.

EDIT - Desktop figurine is used to indicate to a person that they have done an exceptional job and deserve a bow. This item can be given to those bosses that are light on giving credit.

Warning: Damage will cause the dangerous loss of a lot of magic smoke.

wjt, Jan 13 2017

Starting indicative basis https://boardgamege...rdgame/380/polarity
Polarity - A game where balancing magnets can give a domino effect [wjt, Jan 14 2017]


       And one day, out in the desert: Burning Bowing Man at Burning Man.
popbottle, Jan 14 2017

       <pulls recoil starter>   

       <pulls recoil starter>   

       <pulls recoil starter>   

       <twiddles carburettor>   

       <pulls recoil starter><COUGH>   

       <pulls recoil starter>   

       <alliterative pun engine starts>   

       If it was an image of David Robert Jones, would that be a "Burning Bowing Bowie Man at Burning Man" ?
8th of 7, Jan 14 2017

       [8th] you forgot <breaks starter cord><dismantles and installs new cord>   

       Probably the same mechanism could be done with well placed static magnet poles. See link
wjt, Jan 14 2017

       Bowling Man...No, no don't even bother looking at me. I think bowling is the most boring hobby ever invented. So I take Bowling Man for a walk and replace him with Boring Man...yup, that'll do it.
blissmiss, Jan 14 2017

       // bowling is the most boring hobby ever //   

       Ah, the age-old "sport, game, hobby or pastime ?" debate ...   

       Bowling qualifies as a game, but not a sport. It doesn't fulfill the critera for a hobby; and as to boredom level, it's maybe just in the Tedium Top Ten - there's some fierce competition from things like golf, baseball, cricket and dentistry ...
8th of 7, Jan 15 2017

       Sporting dentistry matches sounds great for the spectators!
pocmloc, Jan 15 2017

       Hmm... so, there's an analogy with hydraulics? Presumably, in a hydraulic system, the connecting tube would contain non-compressible fluid, through which force could be communicated from one end to the other. What's the tube doing in this case? Are you mechanically pushing electrons down it? If not, then what?
pertinax, Jan 15 2017

       The tube would be the envelope surface that holds the negative electrostic charge. This surface charge would be disturbed by the plunger affecting a wave of change through to the other plunger.   

       Thinking about this. The tube could also be packets of charge arranged to disturb each other. Or replaced by magnets, as I annotated.
wjt, Jan 15 2017

       Did I mention that the figure was an origami man made of foil that would explode into confetti when the Van De Graaff charger was applied incorrectly.
wjt, Jan 18 2017


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