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brake light surrounds

Ideas to personalize your cars brake lights
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Many cars have a center brake light, but hey this is boring. My idea is for brake light surrounds, they would be made of a light plastic material that would adhere to the inside of the rear glass around the light.

Christmas time? how about a rudolph with a flashing nose. The nose (light) illuminates when braking. Or how about a check box around one and a fake light with check box next to it. The text around the brake light would say "too close" the fake would say "safe distance".

crunchie, May 24 2001


       Slightly baked, at least for goofy things that happen when you hit the brakes. Poodles with red flashing eyes, little teddybears that wave their arms and rock back and forth, etc...
StarChaser, May 26 2001


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