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automatic brake lights

Brakes could be motion actived by decelerating forces rather than peddle pressure.
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With this system installed, the brake lights would come on as the vehicle decelerates and go off when the vehicle is no longer decelerating. This would work really well for those folks who like to drive around with their left foot resting on the brake peddle. It also works for those who slow their vehicles by gearing down. If it is felt that the brake lights should be on when stopped at red lights, another sensor could activate the brake lights when the vehicle is stopped.
innovatus, Jan 11 2007


       Fishy. The brake lights would activate at every gear change. Also, sp: pedal.
angel, Jan 11 2007

       The lights would not operate when coasting (only when decelerating) so they wouldn't come on when upshifting.
innovatus, Jan 11 2007

       When I coast I slowely decelerate!
britboy, Jan 11 2007

       Of course... and your brake lights do not come on. The sensors could be adjusted to allow a tiny amount of deceleration without activating the brake lights. Then again, maybe it would be beneficial to have the lights come on even with very light deceleration.
innovatus, Jan 11 2007

       Let's look at this macroscopically. The purpose of brake lamps is to inform vehicles behind you that you are decelerating or standing. So perhaps it would be useful to provide a brief visual cue indicating when you/your transmission changes gear.   

       This also would be quite useful if, for example, a mechanical component freezes and causes you to skid forward. Or, more likely, if you strike a vehicle/ object in front of you. This implementation would provide instant feedback, before the user depresses the brake pedal.   

ed, Jan 11 2007

       I gear down on big hills and just hope the cars behind me know that I'm slowing down, so I think I will bun this, as it makes some sense.
xandram, Jan 11 2007

       Deceleration is not necessarily a matter of shifting down, [boysparks] - I'd hazard that it also happens when you shift gears up.   

shapu, Jan 11 2007


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