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butt tree

smoke old butts without the fear of cooties
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I have this "friend" who is always going through ash trays for butts to smoke. He won't go through publich ashtrays because of cooties. I thought : why not make a sort of menorah (SP) looking thing out of cigarette holders. Then you could load it up with a ton of butts. You'd get alot of smoke then, you wouldn't burn your fingers, and no cooties!
bacobit, Mar 21 2001

Cost of a pack of cigs http://www.theawl.c...osts-state-by-state
cost by state USA [popbottle, Nov 29 2014]

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       why doesn't your "friend" just buy cigarettes?
Susen, Mar 24 2001

       If you're smoking (oops sorry!). If your friend is smoking old cigarette butts, I think that cooties (head lice, right?) is going to be the least of his problems.
DrBob, Mar 26 2001

       Pretending smoking used cigarettes isn't poor, it would be better to just empy the tabacco from the butts out into a pipe and smoke it that way. Anyway, why not spend the 10 bucks and get his own pack?
mbracke, Jun 08 2003

       Cigarettes are 10 bucks ???? I think you have answered your own question there !! Move to Europe they are, at least, cheaper here !! Or failing that Roll your own .....
Rodsonofgod, Aug 06 2003

       buy in Tennessee $5.30   

       sell in Chicago + New York $10+ ?
popbottle, Nov 29 2014

       Explain "public ashtrays".
bungston, Dec 01 2014

       Duh - ashtrays in public places?
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 02 2014


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