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cake decorator gun

Heats sugar glue sticks for easy application of cake decorations
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Similar to the hot glue gun crafters use, this device would be used by pastry chefs (or home user) to more easily attach items such as flowers, ribbons, candies, etc. to fancy cakes. It would require sticks of a sugar substance that would melt at a relatively low temp and cool quickly.
betty, Aug 12 2001


       Betty? Betty Crocker? Is that you?   

       ---give Martha Stewart a couple of more months...this can't be too long coming.
Susen, Aug 12 2001

       //It would require sticks of a sugar substance that would melt at a relatively low temp and cool quickly.//   

Dog Ed, Aug 13 2001

       It could also be used as a sugar glue gun if the sugar was strong (sticky) enough. I could imagine it now: gluing annoying co-workers to tables and chairs. Gluing your bosses hand to his wang ( how you do that is up to you) The possibilities are endless.
chupacabra, Jan 26 2002

       I believe they had one of these on the World Pastry Competition (in Las Vegas, shown on the food network). They used what looked like a regular glue gun with sugar sticks. I'm not sure if they make their own sugar sticks or bought it somewhere. I imagine they heated the sugar to the right stage and then poured it into moulds to make the sugar sticks.
VanillaGirl, Dec 09 2005


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