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Cat Bowl Dog Guard

So the #$@&%$ Dog cant keep eating the Cat food!
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A cat food bowl with a wire metal cage over the top opening. Openings and spaces in the cage are sized and angled such that a dogs snout and mouth will not fit through the openings but that the cats narrower, slimmer heads can fit right through preventing dogs from snacking on the cats food.
jhomrighaus, Mar 12 2009

have you even seen a MinPin?.. half the size of my cat! http://www.krugerqu...pin%20fat%20cat.jpg
[xandram, Mar 12 2009]

You could whip one of these puppies up in an afternoon. http://www.supercoo...eding_station_1.php
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Mar 12 2009]


       True enough. The device should have a bend in it, and rely on the bend. That way the cat can get his little head in there and then dip down into the food. The snout wouldn't be able to traverse the bend.
daseva, Mar 12 2009

       [xandram] Min Pins don't tend to wolf down cup fulls of cat food like 100lb golden retrievers do, thus I was targeting that dog demographic rather than the minpin, chiwwaiwaiwaiwiw demographic.
jhomrighaus, Mar 12 2009

       You'd want to nail this thing to the floor.
colorclocks, Mar 12 2009

       if dogs are denied access to the cats food what other item or material will they set their chops on when they are feeling snacky?
vfrackis, Mar 12 2009

       [colorclocks] Nailing a golden retriever to the floor would be cruel and... Oh, the bowl. As you were.
spidermother, Mar 12 2009


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