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car alarm forwarding

Calls your phone or rings a bell implanted in your head
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This probably exists. If not, someone make a million dollars or give me a million winks please.

Big bad local , state, fed government mandates that car alarms be silent by January of a certain year. Car alarms also must forward alarm's perceived emergency (rare) to car owners phone or to electroshock implant in car owner's mental electrical system. Owner can check on car, whack evil doer, be whacked by evil doer car luster or just be unpleasantly disturbed like most of us that it was just another Chicken Little Moment of noise pollution.

mortimer, Feb 08 2004

Car alarm http://www.infinite...l&catalogno=FMALARM
"Includes a Pair of 2-Way Paging LCD Remotes" Most pagers can be forwarded to a cell phone, although I hated going into the HLR to try and set these up. It can be, and has been done. [Klaatu, Oct 04 2004]

Decide, Deploy DDDD_20Auto_20Alarm
[normzone, Sep 30 2007]


       If this ain't baked it should be.   

       <Searching for a link>   

       <linkie> Sorry to burst your millionaire dreams [mortimer]
Klaatu, Feb 08 2004

       Car alarm electroshock therapy can also cure depression, which is often found to be comorbid with the sort of paranoia that leads car owners to set their alarm in situations where they won't even be able to hear it.
ye_river_xiv, Sep 30 2007


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