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car operation video evidence

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automobile video surveillance system coupled to onboard recorder and/or remote telemetry
whlanteigne, Oct 14 2002

Didn't I just do this one? http://www.halfbake...a/Tivo_20For_20Cars
(Though I suppose it depends on which way your cameras are pointing.) [DrCurry, Oct 14 2002]


       Video surveillance systems have gotten really cheap in the last few years. Many times I've wished for a videotape of my actual driving performance as I argued my case in front of a judge (fortunately, not recently.)   

       I propose a system of several "X 10"- size video cameras spotted around the vehicle, showing front, rear, side, and instrument panel views. The video could be recorded onboard with VHS or DVD-R format, and/or transmitted to a distant recording "server." Evidentiary tapes would be erased periodically, say every 30 days.   

       Thus, when a traffic cop pulls a driver over for an infraction such as running a stop sign, the evidence could be viewed by both parties at the scene.
whlanteigne, Oct 14 2002

       I was just about to anno this idea to the "Colision Handshake Recorder" posting, when I decided to check the others in the column as well, I'm glad I did, they go hand in hand. If each of the various cameras in your idea were synchronised, took the same amount of frames,say three or four, and only at impact, then you would be able to reinact any accident. If you were to couple this with a data recorder, then information would not only be exchanged between vehicles that had paid for the system but also be obtained from vehicles that had not. Photographs of all other drivers involved, and licence plate numbers would be available in case of, stolen car, hit and run accidents, but a persons privacy would remain intact because the system would not deploy before a collision.   

       It would also deter fraud, as in the case of a guy I once knew who always carried a pill bottle full of deer hair with him in his van. He was an alchoholic and couldn't refrain from driving. He had written off a few vehichles, and was always lucky enough to have walked away, but he would stick bits of deer hair in his grill so that the insurance company would pay. Croisant.   

       We've done this idea many times before. The problem is: What stops your recorder from being used against you?   

       And [whlanteigne], you should post the body of your idea in the large text box called 'Description' (as opposed to making it an annotation) and the summary in the text box called 'Summary'.
phoenix, Oct 14 2002

       //Thus, when a traffic cop pulls a driver over for an infraction such as running a stop sign, the evidence could be viewed by both parties at the scene.//   

       And the other 3 stop signs you did a "rolling stop" at.. and that yellow light that wasn't yellow anymore.. no turn on red? .. Hey, you forgot to use your blinker.. How come you're doing 50 in a 35 zone? ... Man, did we hit the jackpot with you or what?!   

       Do you really want something keeping tabs over you at all times? Think about it..
Mr Burns, Oct 14 2002


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