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car powered boats

for ferrying or cruising
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This will be a small boat/raft with *NO* engine at all, but just rudder and a propeller. It is stationed on the bank of river/lake/sea. Car drives inside the boat and rests its rear wheels onto two wheels which are below deck level and are connected to propeller/paddle wheel. car is started, thus driving propeller and moving boat forward. Rudder control is located on the boat near car's drivers seat.

This boat can be made very cheap. At the minimum, it can be just a platform resting on two pontoons and a prop. Even two wheelers/three wheelers will do instead of a car.

All the power of the car engine can be put to good use and boat will be almost silent, relatively speaking. One can be inside the car and enjoy all the luxuries such A/C heating, music system etc. as well. In fact this journey on water can be so seamless, that nobody will have to even get out of car. They will continue their journey as before.

VJW, Jan 06 2012

Floating Cubans http://www.floatingcubans.com/
The Original Cuban Truck Raft [skinflaps, Jan 06 2012]

All in one http://www.timdutton.com/4wd.html
and commercially available. [pocmloc, Jan 06 2012]

apologies if this doesn't open in US http://www.youtube....watch?v=WTVPPTV-bQM
[po, Jan 06 2012]

You mean this ? Floating_20Your_20Mobile_20Home
[21Q] But RV does not propell barge !! [VJW, Jan 06 2012]

Look at 4:30 of this video ! http://www.youtube....1&feature=endscreen
[VJW, Jan 18 2012]


       What cubans had used was a good old amphibian.
VJW, Jan 06 2012

       (+) My own take on it was for a motorcycle to power a pontoon boat.   

       AH, yes. I missed the Annos.
VJW, Jan 06 2012

       The linked idea does not use the car's power. Please read your links, [Quest]. Furthermore, having an annotation that outlines an idea does not qualify for prior art in my opinion. There are tons of ideas out there in the annos that need to be posted. One could literally compose an entire HB account around doing just this. But you would catch them.
daseva, Jan 06 2012

       Can you squeak that?
skinflaps, Jan 06 2012

       This was an episode of Scrapheap Challenge years ago.
mitxela, Jan 19 2012

       + why not? Ferry maintenance would surely be less frequent in the traffic report with this technique.
Zimmy, Feb 08 2012

       //drives inside the boat and rests its rear wheels onto two wheels which are below deck level and are connected to propeller/paddle wheel// - This would be hilarious if someone tried to power this boat with a front-wheel-drive car. BRRRRrrmmm - splash!
hippo, Feb 08 2012


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