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carpet fibre

wired network disguised as carpet
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hide your network cable with carpet. customer sends in a small sample of carpet fibres. company determine the average colour, then die a requested length of already white-fibred cable to that colour. crimp the ends and dispatch.

ideal now that people have found out that wireless isnt reliable (or secure).

clinicallyobeast, Aug 24 2006


       Way too dangerous. Cables are easy enough to trip over without being camoflauged.
Galbinus_Caeli, Aug 24 2006

       Tucking the camoflaged wire into the corner between wall and carpet solves the problem of tripping.
Ying, Aug 25 2006

       How about sticking with the regular cable but covering it with camo duct tape???
torch0, Aug 25 2006

       i keep reading this as carpet fire. I'd like to be able to set fire to my downstairs carpet & have it regrow somehow.
Zimmy, Aug 25 2006

       weave fiber into a carpet for a powerful mesh network
Voice, Aug 25 2006

       sp. 'die' -> 'dye'?   

       Nice idea, anyway, with [Voice]'s modification.
pertinax, Aug 25 2006

       I first thought this to be a suggestion for running the network cables in the carpet itself, crimping jacks at every few feet around the edges.
ironfroggy, Aug 26 2006

       be good for a long hallway carpet in a building - also is very secure as there is no easy, single point to interdict the cable, especially if the whole carpet, and not just one section of cable, became the connection +
xenzag, Aug 26 2006


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