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Discover where your cat goes
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A tiny camera attached to your cat's collar allows you to discover just what he gets up to during the day. Climb walls, stalk prey and discover his favourite haunts - from a cat's eye perspective! Could also provide vital evidence if your moggy gets beaten up.
carole, Jun 28 2000

http://wBeer Camera http://www.halfbake.../idea/Beer_20Camera
[ponda_baba, Jun 28 2000]

(?) Crittercam
" loggerhead, green and leatherback sea turtles; American alligators; nurse, lemon, bull, tiger, and great white sharks; harbor seals, fur seals, Hawaiian monk seals, elephant seals, bearded seals, Hooker's and Steller sea lions; sperm whales; and hippopotamus..." What, no cats? [rmutt, Jun 28 2000]

Litter Box Cam http://www.halfbake...ww.litterboxcam.com
Litter boxes are covered, so the site isn't gross like it sounds [dana_renay, Mar 11 2002]

Discovery Channel: "Spy on the Wild" http://animal.disco...d/spyonthewild.html
Special about camera and tracking technology as applies to animals. Some videoclips on the site. [jutta, Dec 05 2004]

pandastand http://news.bbc.co....ci/tech/4043105.stm
[po, Dec 05 2004]


       What a cool idea! You could even expand and start www.catcam.com.....
MrTheRich, Jun 29 2000

       Sounds a bit like my Beer Camera... What about a drunken cat camera. Give kitty milk laced with booze and then see what it get's up to.
ponda_baba, Jun 29 2000

       Drunken cat cam? Why not?!
MrTheRich, Jun 29 2000

       I had a similar idea; a blinking grid set up in my home office that would let me know where in the neighborhood my cat is at all times- very 007! I would prefer a live feed to the camera, though.
Rm Brz, Mar 10 2002

       great idea!   

       Though you'd have to avert their eyes when they're cleaning their, um, private parts. I don't know if I could take that, close up.
rebekkahshiri, Mar 10 2002

       (psst! [zippyanna] - "I came up with this a while ago" - Cat Cam actually predates Dog Cam...)
hippo, Mar 11 2002

       There's a story in this months Fortean Times about a CIA experiment with a cat wired to pick up voices, they ran the antenna up it's tail and batteries in it's abdomen. Apparently they took it out to test in the field and it ran straight under a taxi and died! So not a good idea
dare99, Mar 11 2002

       For $700 anyone can do that   

       http://www.microcameras.com for the wireless camera runs on 9v battery, and receiver, and PC video capture Card.   

       Setup your computer in your car. Presumably you are within 1 mile radius of your car most of time. Start record your, your cat's, dog's, whoever or whatever's life in realtime.   

       Of course, if your are rich enough to have wireless high speed connection, boardcast them to the world.   

       Personaly, I don't think day-to-day life of anyone could be that interesting.
bing, Mar 12 2002

       I think "kitty-cam" has a better ring to it.
bristolz, Mar 14 2002

       There's actually some vision research done with cat-head-mounted cameras. See:   


MrScience, Apr 06 2002

       [MrScience]: Can you please move your links up to the link field provide for URL's?
bristolz, Apr 06 2002

       pussy cam?
dodgechrist, Apr 07 2002

       you would probably end up with a lot of sleeping footage but it might be helpful in multiple-cat housholds when trying to figure out which cat is to blame for something or to find your cat's favorite hiding spots in case you couldn't find him or her when it was time to go to the vet.
meowpow72, Apr 13 2005

       Trying to have a quiet crap here. Buggar Off.
The Kat, Apr 13 2005


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