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chambered popcorn bucket

share popcorn at the movies without a fight
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When I go to the movies with my husband, we like to get the BIG popcorn. That is unfortunately where the agreement ends. He loads it with the butter and salt. I prefer less butter, and no added salt. A simple separation to split the bag, or an insertable partition for the bucket would allow us to continue to enjoy the camaraderie (and lesser expense) of sharing the bucket, while our particular tastes are catered to.
Rm Brz, Sep 02 2006

can't see the dividers though http://www.popcorntin.com/
[xandram, Sep 06 2006]

KFC "Build your own variety bucket" http://www.kentuckyfriedchicken.com
It's on the main page of the their site for the moment. [half, Sep 06 2006]

3-way or 7-way popcorn available http://www.thepopco...c=1002&body_sc=1002
[Klaatu, Sep 06 2006]


       I doubt the popcorn makers would like you, nevertheless a nice idea. How much butter would you like in your croissant?
dbmag9, Sep 02 2006

       How much of a greater expense is two smaller buckets? I mean why worry about a few cents when you are out having fun?
Jscotty, Sep 03 2006

       Popcorn prices in large US chain cineplexes are roughly logarithmic, but start out high. It's not unusual to see $5 charged for a medium bag of popcorn.
jutta, Sep 03 2006

       Here in NY the combo soda and popcorn is about $10.00.
Rm Brz, Sep 03 2006

       Hmmm...that gets me to thinking. Until they create such an animal as the mulit-chambered popcorn bucket, perhaps I should sneak in with another container of some sort. How about wearing a hat you invert and fill with a plastic liner? Just toss the liner on the way out of the theater. Tams for the light eaters, ten-gallon cowboy hats for the big buckets.
whale feathers, Sep 03 2006

       Sounds kind of like the Christmas-time popcorn buckets with the dividers to seperate the carmel covered from the cheese flavored from the buttered. I hope I'm not the only one who knows what I'm talking about...   

       But this is different enough to deserve a bun. A nice, lightly buttered, salt free bun.
Hunter79764, Sep 05 2006

       Bring duct tape next time you go to the movies. Buy two medium buckets o popcorn. Tape them together. Hold hands, eat, enjoy .
sleeka, Sep 05 2006

       It's a rat! Kill it! Kill it! Smash with all of your might! Kill it! Kill it, kill it, kill it!   

       <red haze parts from sight> Oh, dear. Are you alright, my love? Why are you on the floor? <rhpfs>
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Sep 06 2006

       Since the theatres don't let you bring your own customized popcorn here's a possible way out of your dilemma. Instead of increasing the cost of the popcorn bucket by adding a divider (which would also make them very hard to stack) why don't you just bring a small paper bag (like the ones kids use to carry their lunches to school) along with you and dole out a portion of popcorn for yourself before the extra butter and salt are added? Maybe it's not as romantic as sharing the same bucket, but at least you'll enjoy the movie without worrying about the cholestorol and high blood pressure.   

       Then again, if you are typical of the women I have known, you have not posted this idea with any intention of seeking a solution, but rather to point out the narrowmindedness of your husband's decision to add the extras to the popcorn without taking your feelings into consideration, hoping he will realize this on his own and acquiesce to your wishes.   

       <Canuck fastens his seat belt and prepares for a bumpy ride>
Canuck, Sep 06 2006

       //...hoping he will realize this on his own and acquiesce to your wishes.//   

       Isn't this more of a passive-aggressive trait than a woman trait? Or are you saying that women are more passive-aggressive than men? Which I could see because women tend to be more subtle than men (a general, radically over-simplified statement)   

       <mutters under breath> I think I'm gonna agree with you on this one, but not out loud. You brave, brave, stupid man. <mub>   

       As for the popcorn- Most theaters are run by jaded, non-caring, barely getting paid teenagers. Most couldn't give a rat's ass if you brought in an entire picnic as long as you make some attempt to hide it, like in a backback. I've done that for years and have never been "caught". Muahahahaha?
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Sep 06 2006

       Yes [NTSS] I agree there. I've always brought in food like nuts, apples (have to chew quietly), M&M's and other candy just in my purse. I like your take on the *passive-aggressive* issue, you smart man... and [Hunter] I know what you are talking about. They aren't only for Christmas either, which would make this sort of baked, but not in theatres I guess. Bring your own partitions.
xandram, Sep 06 2006

       I see Kentucky Fried Chicken advertising some sort of "choose your own mix" of three items. They appear to be dropping a 3 way divider in to their traditional bucket.
half, Sep 06 2006

       I worked at KFC, so [half] is right.   

       The Build-Your-Own-Bucket has a triple divider.   

       So this should be simple enough.
DesertFox, Sep 06 2006

       // ---then again, if you are typical of women I have known // Suffice it to say that if a simple little idea such as this can generate such a reaction, let me say that I'd not want to be in the room with you in the morning on the day that your shoelaces break. As they are wont to do from time to time.
Rm Brz, Sep 06 2006

       There's a great cinema in Peckham (peckhamplex.com) which is only £3 per ticket any time. You can bring in anything you want, an entire picnic if you fancy, though they do check your bags for knives.
wagster, Sep 06 2006

       Each piece of popcorn could be salted, buttered and individually wrapped, then weighed and labelled with a numbered print out of its salt, fat and other RDA statistics to study before the film starts...   

       "I'm saving numbers 66 to 75 for the car chase - there's extra butter and salt on them to make the heart beat even faster"
xenzag, Sep 06 2006

       [DesertFox], you worked at KFC? I ate there once.   

       [xenzag] there is no way you could eat ten whole pieces of popcorn during a movie car chase.
sleeka, Sep 07 2006


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