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clockwork orange peeler

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Peeling oranges by hand just gets your hands sticky. I have thought of a way to solve that problem and make a crappy joke at the same time. The mechanism has six curved arms that enclose the orange like large segments. There is a small apple corer mounted on top, pushing this down removes the stalk and the big bit of pith in the middle, locks down the arms, which cut the skin into segments, and starts the mechanism. The arms hold a set of serrated blades at the top that are pushed in by the plunger, the blades are then pulled down the orange by wires attached to the clockwork at the base.

Viola, a neatly peeled orange, a pointless gadget and a bad pun.

chud, Aug 09 2003

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       Completely summed up in the last sentence.
Cedar Park, Aug 09 2003

       Yarbles! Great bolshy yarblockos to you.
waugsqueke, Aug 10 2003

       [reensure]: I hope you were speaking of [chud]'s invention, not your own Obscure one...
Cedar Park, Aug 10 2003

       this is nice but then I am on a wax-toast-fruit diet.   

       details on request.
po, Aug 10 2003

       [po]: So you have to eat wax fruit on toast?
Cedar Park, Aug 10 2003

       wax fruit.... MMMMMH!
Pericles, Aug 10 2003

       //Peeling oranges by hand just gets your hands sticky. I have thought of a way to solve that problem.//

....eat something else??
silverstormer, Aug 10 2003


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