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clown squad

bored, aspiring rodeo clowns dancing the bullet ballet with distraction and Kevalair
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A squad of tooled up policing clowns to rush in and distract, act as targets for a shooting siege.

Instead of Vantablack uniforms, these clowns will wear really bright mind interrupting colours and weird uniform shapes. Hopefully this will disorientate the shooter's determination and change the dynamics of the situation. Of course, Kevlar and helmets would be worn and could be decorated in each of the personnel's clown persona.

Of course their will be much down time so this unique squad can be used at riots, some identified bank robberies, domestic disputes but mostly children's parties (to keep them sane).

Sorry for this, it's a bit shot up.

Isn't it rare,
Shots through the air
Me here with head on the ground
You striked in fear
Send in the clowns

Is without bliss
shooting all moves
One who fails hearing the sound
one who can't groove
But, Where are the clowns?
Send in the clowns

Musical jesters opening the doors
Mindfully searching for one that is stalking the floors
Making an entrance aloud with a usual flare
Suring of lines.
Noone left here
Don't you feel play
Too strange, to fear
seconds of numbing the I want
Targets, of sear
But full amoured clowns
sheilding, crazy clowns
Quick, send in the clowns
Thank god their here.

Isn't it gouche
Isn't it queer
Losing a handle on state
mind in the rear
And why those bright clowns?
surreal first scene clowns

Well, We'll know next Clear!

wjt, Mar 16 2018

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       As apposed to black shaddowy stalkers.   

       The whole concept wasn't to calm down. The 'Momentum' and it's associated energy to get up to a state where someone picks up a military style weapon and takes out his or her(?) frustration isn't going to be reversed only deflected.   

       Anything that will try to confuse or intrigue might deflect the very energised, one focus mind.
wjt, Mar 20 2018


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