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Start App, Input the happy distance. The arrows are displayed to pack you in the queue.
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A smart phone bluetooth app that packs people from the long straight meandering queue to a tight scientific ordering.

With bluetooth on, the positions of the co-queuers is calculated from an initial scan. The cellphone application defaults to one of the standard fill patterns depending on the initial read or the joined queue's shape. These shapes include skinny and fat rectangles, snaking and sectors. Using the given distance data, the age old circle packing algorithms are put to work. This computation gets people as close to the door as possible without popping personal bubbles.

The directing display, which also shows the bubbly calculation, can, with a press, insert the non mobile. A red flashing display can occur and this is used by the software to embarrass and entrain it's user. This action makes sure the line is never longer than it needs to be.

Now down the block and round the corner is a thing of the past.

wjt, Apr 09 2020




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