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coffee jacket

enjoy the warmth of you coffe in the morning.
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Imagine is cold as hell. you go to your convenience store and buy a big fat steaming cup of coffe. You plug a hose in the vase and suck the coffe on it, but the hose runs inside all arround your coat, so when you drink the coffe, part of the heat will be on your jacket. AAHHHH yes. And you don't eveh have to blow it to drink it.
noyola, May 18 2009


       Yes, my spelling is not good. Sorry, english is not my lenguage nor I have ever studied english grammar.   

       Well, think about it this way: If the hose passes between two insulated fabrics heat loss would not be so great. And also you have to take in count that is a large brevage... thing is: geting heat from the inside when you dirnk the coffe and have some of that heat applyed in the outside as well.
noyola, May 18 2009

       If it passes between two insulated fabrics in such a way that it doesn't cool down, it won't warm you up.
hippo, May 18 2009

       [hippo] yes, you are right but the thing is partial insulation...
noyola, May 18 2009

       works but then the coffee's cold... [+] anyways.
FlyingToaster, May 18 2009

       I was expecting this to be the modern version of the smoking jacket, put on for when drinking fine coffee, so that your regular clothes do not end up smelling.
dbmag9, May 18 2009

       I like the general idea, although i foresee some sanitary issues from drinking anything but hot water. A Latte especially would make quite a nice microbiological assay.   

       Additionally i'd like to point out that most things get more extreme if in combination with 'as hell'. Loud as hell - more loud. 'Cold' might be the one exemption from this rule.
loonquawl, May 20 2009


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