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colour of our world

Satelite mapping of the Earth's surface reflective frequency. Post prosessing to get past data captures.
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Cities are building out, Farmland is only produce a tiny narrow frequency. Un- humanised areas, including ocean surface, are relatively the same. Temperature dependent, of course.

A time mapping of the globe's reflective frequency spectrum would be interesting data set.

Also shows a data set that extraterrestrials would partially get and analyze.

wjt, Jan 09 2022

Satellite Imagery and Change Over Time https://www.nationa...d-change-over-time/
[a1, Jan 09 2022]

Remote sensing https://pubs.usgs.g...ens-Student_web.pdf
See section 5, changes over time [a1, Jan 09 2022]

And what would extraterrestrials get to analyze? https://what-if.xkcd.com/47/
[a1, Jan 09 2022]

Ocean colour signature https://www.nature....467-019-08457-x.pdf
[a1, Jan 09 2022]

bright lights, big ET Bright_20Lights_2c_20Big_20ET
[theircompetitor, Jan 09 2022]


       [-] for poor or non-existent explanation of what’s new here. Study of satellite images, post processing, research on color changes over time, are all WKTE.
a1, Jan 09 2022


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