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colourcoded everything

helping you find lost stuff in a hurry
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relying on the gestalt effect, all pieces of equipment (wallet, keys, sunglasses, ties, belts, sock, underpants) have a standardised colour eg. keys are green, sunnies are red, undies are yellow, with a schedule of colours kept next to the fridge. if something is lost, and the bus is about to leave, don't worry about panicking and checking everything in the room, consult the colour chart to recall the colour of the object you are searching for, and bam! cut the number of items your brain will scan by at least (!) one-tenth of the original amount.
williamsmatt, Oct 03 2008

Gestalt http://en.wikipedia.../Gestalt_psychology
Quick link: interesting. The mind is a wonderful machine. [Ling, Oct 03 2008]

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       How about using UV fluorescent colours? Then IT wouldn't be upset. Don't know about UB, though.   

       Why do you need to put your undies on just before the bus leaves?
Ling, Oct 03 2008

       'cos he's supperman, who weres undies out.
neelandan, Oct 03 2008


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