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concentrated solar piston engine

solar heat replacing the fuel combustion phase in an ICE
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Instead of fuel combustion, solar induced extreme high temperatures of air power the engine.

During the "combustion cycle" the air in the cylinder is heated by concentrated solar power. So there's no fuel, only air. Then during the exhaust phase, the rays are diverted to the next cylinder.

pashute, Dec 04 2012

Baked: http://www.youtube....watch?v=AdCNnSdtU7U
[piluso, Dec 04 2012]


       Solar sterling engines have been preheated, halfbaked, baked, rebaked, burnt to a crisp, recombined, and baked once more just for giggles. [M-F-D] WKTE
Voice, Dec 04 2012

       Even though is already baked, it's remarkable the lack of diffusion of this kind of devices. [edit] I misread the invention, you are adapting a conventional ICE. That way is very inefficient, the Stirling motor is perfect for that use.
piluso, Dec 04 2012


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