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conjoined liquid sachet separate & seal tool

a tool to separate & seal conjoined (liquid) sachets
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battery operated, its blades heat seal the sachets as they cut and divide.

save money, no more mess - how ever did we live without it?

po, Jun 09 2012

these liquid sachets http://www.google.c...:429,r:0,s:62,i:278
[po, Jun 09 2012]


       You mean to divide a single sachet into two sub- sachets?   

       I have my doubts. First, you need to seal the sachet in the middle, but there'll be mayonnaise or ketchup or wood-glue on the surfaces to be sealed. Second, if the original sachet is quite plumply filled, it may not be possible to crimp it shut across the midline.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 09 2012

       Do you mean connect two sachets by a tube, which is soldered into the gap between the sachets?
Inyuki, Jun 09 2012

       Query: is 'sachet' Britishish for what Americans would call a 'packet' or 'pouch', i.e. a soft plastic liquid-or-gel-bearing vessel? The interweb search turned up too many ambiguous terms for me to discern.
Alterother, Jun 09 2012

       no silly [MB], sometimes two sachets become mysteriously conjoined.   

       yes, quite probably [alterother]
po, Jun 09 2012

       Thank you.   

       So, to clarify, this is a tool that would allow the division of a sealed sachet into separate parts without actually 'breaking' the seal?   

       I like it, but His Lordship has very valid points, especially the latter: reshaping a filled-to-capacity sachet in order to form separate chambers reduces the internal volume of the vessel. The contents must either conform to the extra pressure without compromising the seal, or some contents will have to be removed.
Alterother, Jun 09 2012

       //sometimes two sachets become mysteriously conjoined. //   

       I think this is an issue to take up with your sachet provider.   

       [Alter] Not quite. "Sachet" is English for the French "sachet", meaning "sachet".
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 09 2012

       <sigh> two sachets - occasionally manufactured with a fault - they are stuck together (conjoined).   

       however gently you attempt to peel them apart they burst and shower the room with whatever they contain. what I am endeavouring to achieve is a tool that will simultaneously sever the two sachets and seal the break, allowing each of the sachets to fulfill its natural function.
po, Jun 09 2012

       Ah, I see. That makes more sense.   

       The blade itself need not be heated; what you need are a pair of heated sealing dies, one on either side of the blade and a mm or two ahead of the cutting point. I envision it as something like a safe-cut letter opener.   

       // "Sachet" is English for the French "sachet", meaning "sachet". //   

       Most helpful, as ever, m'Lud.
Alterother, Jun 09 2012

       Then you'd have two sachets with cachet? Unless they were to be sachets sealed with a heated cachet, thereby improving their cachet.
UnaBubba, Jun 09 2012

       I was thinking opening them in a pressure chamber, but that might make the contents jump out even more. So, what would be best is a hypodermic with a large bore needle, with a flexible collar around the needle attached to a vacuum pump   

       The collar would hold the sachet firmly as the needle goes in, then pull up the plunger to extract the contents.   

       Don't forget to use a clean needle and fresh syringe to avoid passing on (for example) mustard.
not_morrison_rm, Jun 10 2012

       I just sashayed into this cachet .
normzone, Jun 11 2012

       I knew that David and John were brothers, but not that they were twins, or even conjoined. It must make news reports and episodes of Poirot difficult to shoot.

(Many words of French origin, like "serviette" or "toilet" are eschewed by the British upper class, (presumably because of the beastly things the Revolutionary French did to their Continental forebears), but I don't imagine they even have an English word for "sachet" because they simply don't frequent the sort of establishments that vend them. Or so my butler's valet tells me.)
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jun 12 2012

       I snip off the end of one sachet, and disgorge the contents directly into the washing machine.   

       The second sachet is then best decanted separately into a jar or other receptacle for later usage.   

       I think the "design flaw" will likely remain in place for some time as it tends to encourage us to buy more sachets!
zen_tom, Jun 12 2012

po, Jun 12 2012

       But all this snipping and puncturing and pressure-chamber extraction does nothing to solve [po]'s problem! Do try to pay attention, people.   

       We must, and I stress _must_, find a way to separate two or more inadvertantly conjoined sachets (packets) without compromising the integrity of the seal or allowing the escape of the contents. This is a serious issue affecting the lives of many honest citizens, and we owe it to [po] to find a solution.
Alterother, Jun 12 2012

       I thought I had!
po, Jun 12 2012

       I'm thinking a very precise surgical incision, that then can be sutured up properly, just like a human's belly.
blissmiss, Jun 12 2012

       yes, nurse. I think needles may exacerbate the mess...
po, Jun 12 2012

       I think the difference is that a sachet holds a fluid (liquid or powder) while a packet holds countable solid items. Presumably there's a grey area between powder and granules for which you should use a pachet.
Loris, Jun 12 2012

       // I thought I had! //   

       Well, yes, you did, quite nicely, but (IMO) it hasn't been properly halfbaked until we've all argued about it and a few alternate versions have been proposed, including one that somehow involves a trebuchet. Since we've already gotten the obligatory off-topic anno thread out of the way, I was just trying to bring us back to the kitchen so we can fulfill the remaining compulsory items.
Alterother, Jun 12 2012


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