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Consultancy Scratch Cards
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To save money in large organisations a range of consultancy scratch cards should be introduced.

The cards would contain a range of standard consultancy advice, for example "Cut costs - replace experienced staff with temps", "Change the colour of you Post-It notes" or "Have a Management Reorg", your suggestions are welcome.

They would be available in packs based on the type of consultancy you need, with varied prices. Marketing consultancy £1000, Tech Consultancy £10000, Management Consultancy £100000. Ten cards per pack.

Mixed packs available if you are feeling lucky, or work for a "Progressive" or "Forward Thinking" organsiation

Although the prices are still high, the savings would be made in not paying consultants hotel bills and expenses.

jeffa, Jun 04 2003


       Magic eight ball, scratch'n sniffs.   


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