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cough dance

a cough dance for up and out and sick people.
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for up and out and sick people. so your sick and you want to go out . a cough disco is where evreybody coughs there own tune while danceing.
crash, Jan 03 2007


       This is brilliant.
calum, Jan 03 2007

       This idea needs a spitoon.
skinflaps, Jan 03 2007

       this idea needs a fcuking spelllll chicker.
jonthegeologist, Jan 03 2007

       its hard to type when you're coughing that hard.   

       funny - coughers do often do a little dance. I wonder if it has to do with bladder control.
po, Jan 03 2007

       call it the "coughango" and you get this croissant + (and it's good enough to excuse the multiple spelling errors)
xenzag, Jan 03 2007

       they might really *whoop* it up...
xandram, Jan 03 2007

       Make it a "mask"-erade dance. Helps cut the germ spread, and eases liability concerns for the patrons (nobody can tell who they got germs from, etc.)   

       Any alcoholic beverages available are "-tussin" and "-quil" type things. And somewhere nearby is a place where the "soup of the day" is always chicken noodle.   

       Tell me when it opens, I'll be there. This dang bronchitis has been hanging on for three months and I am heartily sick and tired of sitting at home.
lurch, Jan 03 2007

       Hi, [crash], good to hear from you again.   

       I'm all for anything that seperates the sick from the not sick. We should have seperate offices for my sick coworkers.
normzone, Jan 03 2007

       Uh I believe they call those hospitals '-)
blissmiss, Jan 03 2007

       This would only work if it was a saturday night fever.   

       But why are all these sick people up and out? They should be down at home, in their beds - drinking cough medicine! Perhaps these discos could be held at someone's home, and all dancers encouraged to wear pyjamas.
zen_tom, Jan 04 2007

       I've got a heavy cold at the moment, and am continually coughing up my lungs. I also have a bad back, and this results in me doing a sort of dance whenever I cough that resembles a cross between Max Wall and the Funky Chicken.
jtp, Jan 04 2007


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