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Auto and human flypaper airbag cowcatcher
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To prevent death from suicide attempts or just plain bad luck and stupidity trains can be fitted with a 10 meter long fairing shaped airbag made from heavy reinforced vinyl. The exterior surface is made of three layers, the outer layer is 0.7 mil trash bag like plastic, the middle layer is 10mm of glue like used in mouse and rat glue traps, and the inner layer heavy reinforced vinyl of the baffled pressurised air bag fairing. If a human lays or stands on the tracks the train does not have to even slow down, the airbag is made with vavles and baffles to absorb the energy, the thin outer layer will tear and the adhesive will collect the person and hold them firmly until the next stop, where they can be removed by railroad workers at the expense of their clothing and body hair which will remain stuck to the fairing. If a car is on the tracks the airbag will buckle and bend slowly, moving the car gently off the tracks and depositing it along side the train as it passes. The fairing shape will save a small amount of fuel at higher speeds.
skyfreak, Dec 19 2003


normzone, Dec 19 2003

       Sounds like bumper trains. You could make this more aerodynamic by having it be deflated most of the time, but inflate like a reverse airbag when the sensors on the front of the cowcatcher contacted anything of any size.   

       Not too sure about the glue part. Also, you can delete your first version of this idea, [sky]. Welcome to the HB!
bungston, Dec 19 2003

phoenix, Dec 20 2003

       Can a human survive seventy two hours adhered to the front of a moving train?
Find out on the next David Blaine special.

       I think the glue is a really good touch! alcaity
alcaity, Dec 22 2003

       Need a sensor that records the time of impact and thus print a train ticket for the distance travelled.
benjamin, Dec 22 2003

       "We apologise for the delay to the 13:43 to Newcastle, which is due to a build up of suicidees. Our staff are currently trying to unglue them and we should be available for boarding soon."
dobtabulous, Dec 22 2003

       The glue definitely puts the finishing touch on this idea. Nice work!
phundug, Dec 22 2003


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