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cracker fountain

they have water fountains, why not cracker fountains?
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A cracker fountain would distribute food such as crackers in the place of water to the public for free. Who doesnt get hungry from time to time?
ben14, Nov 24 2004


       Especially useful next to a water fountain. Or perhaps switch to pretzel and beer fountains. Of course, in more upscale locations they'd have a set of wine and cheese fountains.
Worldgineer, Nov 24 2004

       Could you wade in it? Could you hold your mouth under the cracker streams? And what about the pigeons?
bungston, Nov 24 2004

       Yeah! And next to it you can have a lower fountain that spouts dog biscuits.
Machiavelli, Nov 25 2004

       Make that one owner-controlled, or my little fat dog will constantly be running away (well, at least I'll always know where to find her).
Worldgineer, Nov 25 2004

       I was thinking of [calum]'s crackers . but not with him in them. ahem...   

       but a picture of biscuit crumbs spewing out of a fountain is pretty funny, too.   

       Gotta go stick a turkey in the oven now.
dentworth, Nov 25 2004


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