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credit fraud

how to stop credit card fraud
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It seems like most people have a mobile phone now (esp on bloody trains)

why not have a system where by if you opt in, your bank would simply send you txt msg every time money is withdrawn from your account - including the amount withdrawn,

thus anybody using a stolen credit card number would alert the owner. who would then be able to report the false transaction -may even be able to catch the thiefs in stores

edit: this can even be used to keep on eye on your partners spending habits

"how much where those shoes" - "only 9.99 pounds, love" - "bolloxs, my txt msg says 99.95"

gulp.... may be used against you - "errr... yes they're art magazines"

wobbly, Aug 11 2003

First Direct text banking http://www.firstdir...s/txt_banking.shtml
...so you can be reminded of how overdrawn you are every day! [hazel, Oct 04 2004]


       Baked in the UK. First Direct bank will send you transaction info by text if you so desire.
hazel, Aug 11 2003

       thats just for your balance and if your overdrawn - not a transactional thing, and i think you have you request the txt msg
wobbly, Aug 11 2003

       sorry - just double checked, ur right.. might sign up for it   

       also checking the link - have they just bought some boots at 6am ?? for 37pound with cash? how did they know about that??
wobbly, Aug 11 2003

       Some banks have anomaly detection systems that try to guess when a card is being misused. Once I grabbed the wrong card out of my wallet and put it in an ATM. The PIN didn't work, and I figured out my mistake and laughed. When I arrived home 30 minutes later, the phone rang and it was my bank asking me if I had lost my card. I thought it was pretty cool.   

       But I like this idea, it would allow the user to detect card uses that the bank systems would consider normal.
krelnik, Aug 11 2003

       Let me know before this becomes popular so I can buy stock in a phone company or two.
beauxeault, Aug 11 2003

       I guess the anomaly detection systems work better that they used to. When I travelled in Europe in the 80s, I called American Express ahead of time to tell them so. After a couple of transactions, my card was de-activated because of suspicious activity: I'd never shopped or dined in any of these places before. Then of course there was the obligatory hours of bullshit shenanigans at the Amex office getting it turned back on.   

snarfyguy, Aug 11 2003

       Same thing happened to me in when I went to Moscow. Of course I neglected to inform them I was going there, and the phones there are nearly nonfunctional. Good thing I was in a group, or I'd have been screwed.
RayfordSteele, Aug 11 2003

       Same happened to me with AMEX. It appears that they are overly cautious. My company still uses the corporate card, but personaly I won't use one any time soon.   

       People who don't have SMS should be able to get the message by regular e-mail, like the execution confirmations from online stock brokers.
kbecker, Aug 11 2003

       You'd think the credit card company might be able to figure out why the card is being used in Zanzibar, if the plane ticket was charged to the same card.
beauxeault, Aug 11 2003


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