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Doomsday Escrow

Dated escrow accounts to transfer your assets to your loved ones who are [unfortunately] left behind
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[I have been hearing WAY too much about Mayan calendar / 12-2012 / end times/ Judgment Day lately.]

For those who believe the end is nigh, this service allows you to set up a predated escrow account to transfer your assets to those who won't be joining you in the afterlife.

For a reasonable fee, you will be able to set a date of departure that can be changed at any time, and name one or more beneficiaries.

After all, you can't take it with you.

victor, Jul 05 2009

Rapture "Insurance" http://www.youvebeenleftbehind.com/
Doesn't actually give you money if the rapture happens, just sends email. [jutta, Jul 05 2009]

mythological potluck http://bschuber.blogspot.com/
Nostradamus, Mayans, you name it. [jutta, Jul 05 2009]

Halfbakery: Rapture Insurance Rapture_20Insurance
The more straightforward insurance version. [jutta, Jul 05 2009]


       Combine this with a mechanism a la the "You've Been Left Behind" Rapture insurance, and you could have your assets transferred at the time of the Event, without specifying when exactly that will be. Saves face when it doesn't happen.   

       But I'm a little vague on the specifics here. (1) How is this different from simply making a will? (2) Wouldn't an _escrow_ account mean that neither the raptured nor the leftovers have access to the money until the world ends? I think you just want to transfer assets, not hold them in escrow until then.
jutta, Jul 05 2009

       WTF is the connection between the Apocalypse of christian theology and the fact that the Mayans printed their calenders in big wheels of a finite size? The Mayans needed to carve infinitely large calenders to preserve the world? The two cultural mythologies are in stark contradiction, theologically and mathematically.
WcW, Jul 05 2009

       They are, but consistency doesn't really feature that highly in religious thinking to begin with. I wouldn't be surprised to find a sect of one mythology incorporating elements of other, seemingly contradictory, mythologies where they fit its objectives.
jutta, Jul 05 2009

       My gad, it actually exists. I can't believe it.
victor, Jul 05 2009

       We would prefer raptor insurance - when something goes wrong, they send you a large (owl) chick.
8th of 7, Jul 05 2009

       victor, where are your friends?
WcW, Jul 06 2009

       The Mayan calander doesn't "end" on that date. It starts over. Like flipping the odometer.
Zimmy, Jul 06 2009


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