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cross scribble

kids, crayons, and priceless art
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This idea is inspired by past underlying sentiment and " Deface A Famous Painting".

As an art installation, set up a range of prints and copies of famous pieces. If a rich benefactor wants to donate an unloved piece, all the better. To all intensive purposes, it would look like a section of any standard National gallery.

School trips from 6-13 year-olds are then allow to edit. Too old and apathy or social training sets in. On entry the children are handed crayons, paints and suitable self-hardening clay. The brief is to look what is before and change an adapt as you want.

Everything done will be recorded by hires security cameras. A time lapse can precis some of the better bits. Every so often a week is set aside for viewing. The installation will act as it should with coin entry to offset costs. Headphones can be rented, commentary from art critics and child psychologists will try to give insights to change.

Most of the new work would probably be, well, everyone can imagine but occasionally there will be insight, creativity and stuff that can't be imagined.

Oh, I forgot the chalk. No harm was ever done with chalk, right?

wjt, Nov 11 2015

A stimulus Deface_20A_20Famous_20Painting
prior art [wjt, Nov 11 2015]

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       It's spelled scribble...
normzone, Nov 11 2015

       and "for all intents and purposes".   

       As far as the concept, it's fine except for the " If a rich benefactor wants to donate an unloved piece, all the better" bit, as destroying something just because someone doesn't like it is a bit harsh.
MechE, Nov 11 2015

       hm, perhaps a transparent cover to be re-graffitied each day.   

       // and "for all intents and purposes". // My words work too but I see the misquote.   

       I was thinking a five year duration, to boldly go where kids haven't gone before. The nuances probably would not show up until layers upon layers have been laid down. The more the better.   

       Art is highly subjective, whom is to say whether the kids will enhance or reduce the pieces value. Admittedly the artist should probably be consulted.
wjt, Nov 15 2015


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