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Chickenegg Matryoshka

Philosophical debate in chocolate
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A chocolate egg, containing a chicken, containing an egg, etc.

Chocolatiers could make a philosophical statement through their choice of the outermost/innermost item. An open-ended version might hold, at the core, a chocolate question mark.

(Blatant rip from hippo's Russian Doll Easter Egg -- half the buns (but none of the bones) should go to him!)

placid_turmoil, Mar 01 2009

Russian Doll Easter Egg _27Russian_20Doll_27_20Easter_20Egg
[placid_turmoil, Mar 01 2009]


       There could be creationist and evolutionist alternatives. The creationist version could consist of nested chicken and eggs, and the evolutionist version chicken, egg, thecodont, egg, and eventually a gelatinous centre representing an early tetrapod's or crossopterygian egg, with a larval form, and so on.   

       Then again, there could be a Churchill version with an enigmatic outside egg, maybe covered in an almost indecipherable cipher, enclosing an egg with a scene from Miss Marple on it, containing a piece of paper with "Why is a raven like a writing desk?" written on it. The eggs are made of specially hardened chocolate and can be unlocked only with a key whose lock bit is in the shape of the words "national interest" written in Russian.
nineteenthly, Mar 01 2009

       I love the evolutionist version! You could drill all the way down to mytochondria and carbon-hydrogen compounds. Maybe some kind of mild explosive can go off when you reach the Big Bang.
placid_turmoil, Mar 01 2009

       Yes, well the Churchill version is just silly.
Mmm...quark-gluon plasma fresh!
nineteenthly, Mar 01 2009


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