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current remission by causation of allergic necrosis and cachectic electro-resistance

CUrrent REmission by Causation of Allergic Necrosis and Cachectic Electro-Resistance.
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In accordance with the principle that acronyms such as SAD accurately describe the states to which they refer in spite of their contrived nature, reverse-engineer the process to come up with treatment for diseases or solutions to other problems by creating unconscious associations, thereby letting a dreamlike process of invention and creativity do the work for you rather than the hard slog of really working through the problem. This technique can be referred to as MAGIC - Mental Application by Guided Imagination of Cures. This is to be distinguished from "Magic" as a reason for a Mark VI Deletion, which is entirely different and does not apply to this idea, oh no, not at all.

This is how an example of this might work:

CU.RE.CANCER is "CUrrent REmission by Causation of Allergic Necrosis and Cachectic Electro-Resistance.", and uses the body's own specific immune response to destroy tumour cells by causing necrosis rather than programmed cell death, triggering the destruction of the cells with the appropriate antigens. It does this by applying an electric current to the tumour where resistance is strongest, causing heating and destruction of some of the tumour cells. These cells then lyse, releasing their contents along with fragments of cell membrane antigens distinctive of the tumour cell. The specific immune response then comes to associate these antigens and proceeds to attack other tumour cells which have not become necrotic because it has come to recognise the appropriate markers on the cell membranes concerned.

It will obviously work fine because the acronym says what it does. Also, it says "Electro-" in the name so it's more scientific and not just made up on the spur of the moment. If I'd said "Electric" it would of course be entirely spurious.

nineteenthly, Feb 07 2017


       I think it would work better if the E stood for "electronic" rather than "electric". Everybody knows that electronic things are better than electric ones, and the voltages needed are definitely perhaps in the low DC range.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 07 2017

       [MB] //Everybody knows that electronic things are better than electric ones// - except, of course, for the Human League's "Electric Dreams"
hippo, Feb 07 2017

       Yeah, but "electro-" ends in an O and has a hyphen, so it's posh. Double-barrelled word, don'cha know?
nineteenthly, Feb 07 2017


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