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injectable bells against cancer

little shapes have a resonant acoustic frequency. These are injected into tumors with a needle rather than surgery. Then outside the body acoustic waves activate the little shapes destroying tumor tissue
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Tumor liquefying (and possibly removal) without surgery.

Make tiny, injectable shapes with an acoustic resonant frequency.

Inject the tiny shapes into a tumor.

Wiggle the shapes with acoustic waves from outside the body to shatter/liquefy tumor tissue.

Pull the liquefied tumor out with a syringe to minimize risk of metastasis (spread)

Minimally invasive cancer treatment. Might work particularly well with breast cancer as this is nearer the surface for injections and acoustics.

Edit: as has been pointed out in the annotations you could just inject a tumor with a toxin, or possibly hot cheese to kill it. This brings up another possibility: protein dissolving enzymes. These could be tuned to produce different length protein fragments. Study could reveal fragments that alert the immune system to the cancer, causing the body to fight the cancer more effectively.

beanangel, May 14 2018

ultrasound powers microparticles at bloodstream "The gold body of the nanorobots responds to ultrasound, which gives them the ability to swim around rapidly without chemical fuel." http://jacobsschool...release.sfe?id=2550
[beanangel, Jun 06 2018]


       But this is pointless, even if it would work.   

       Insofar as you can inject these things into a cancer, you can inject a short-lived toxin to kill cancer cells. Your bells are just a rather convoluted version of an indiscriminately cytotoxic drug.   

       The problem with treating cancer is in actually delivering agents specifically to cancer cells, and this idea does not achieve anything in that direction.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 14 2018

       // tiny, injectable shapes with an acoustic resonant frequency //   

       That would be dependant on the velocity of sound in the relevant tissue, which is strongly affected by its density.   

       The typically velocity of sound in seawater, which is a reasonable equivalent to eukaryotic tissue, is about 1500 m s^-1   

       40kHz ultrasonic transducers are an off-the-shelf item, along with their driver circuitry.   

       So applying v = f * lambda, this gives a wavelength of 1500/40000 which is 3.7 mm. A lot larger than any mammalian cell ...   

       And your point was ... ?
8th of 7, May 14 2018

       I know! How about injectable cheese balls? If they were hot enough, you could just fondue the cancer cells to death. Golly gee, I spent 7 seconds coming up with that - maybe I should post it rather than letting all that effort go to waste.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 14 2018

       How about protein dissolving enzymes? because these could be tuned to produce different protein fragments study might reveal fragments that alert the immune system to the cancer, causing the body to fight the cancer more effectively.
beanangel, May 15 2018

       [beany], I know you mean well.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 15 2018

       At the [link] they power nanobots in the bloodstream with ultrasound. Vibrating away tumors looks more likely.
beanangel, Jun 06 2018

       Sure you've got the bells... but what about the whistles?
What about them?

       "We'll be supplementing your Whyte cells with some Mackay cells ..."
pertinax, Jun 07 2018


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