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defrosting wipers

wiper blades that defrost
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This idea is to make wiper blades that can defrost with a switch of a button. How many times have you been driving in the winter and had ice freeze up on your wipers? Did you reach your hand out the widow and tap them on the windshield going 60 down the highway?. With these wipers you can leave them on while you drive and they will never freeze up.
tony535, Dec 26 2004

better luck next time, tony. heated_20windshield_20wipers
[po, Dec 26 2004]


       heated windhield wipers? as above. with links. and welcome
benfrost, Dec 26 2004

       although welcome to the halfbakery [tony535]. Looks like this one has been done before ...better luck next time.
jonthegeologist, Dec 26 2004


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