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diagonal building

building that is diagonal
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Architects love non-vertical-horizontal edges and some even build buildings that appear to be at a non-vertical orientation. But this plan is that the entire building be constructed at a 45° angle to the horizontal.

Walls and windows can easily be angled at 45° but what about floors? Well I propose that all floors take the form of staircases so that humans can navigate them with ease. I also propose "landings" which are kind of small horizontal floors (horizontal relative to the World, 45° relative the the building of course)

Now the genius of this proposal is that the building can be constructed as a fiendish 3D maze. We now have corridors that are staircases, and we have corridors without steps which run diagonally through the building (i.e. remaining horizontal to the outside world).

The floors would be numbered conventionally (basement, ground, first, second etc.) both so as to confuse foreigners but also one "floor" would run diagonally relative to the outside world.

There could be lifts which run between floors, but naturally enough they would be constructed like funicular railways so that they run parallel to the walls of the buildings.

Doors would be counterbalanced so they they could open and close normally. I suppose all doors should open towards the uphill diagonal of the building so that a person falling against a door would not knock it open.

pocmloc, Feb 28 2022

Upside-down houses https://www.google....=1920&bih=979&dpr=1
(I had to start my search somewhere vaguely familiar...) [neutrinos_shadow, Feb 28 2022]

Not tilted floors https://www.detail-...hotel-by-big-25411/
But "tilted" outside [neutrinos_shadow, Feb 28 2022]

Interesting angled building in Macao https://imgur.com/s9lcwRU
[tatterdemalion, Mar 01 2022]

inside a 45° room https://www.youtube...watch?v=9ZcYpACd4iU
gravity problems [calum, Mar 01 2022]


       You have me on edge. [+]   

       I can see someone popping outside for a smoke, sitting on a bungee swing over the abyss.
pertinax, Feb 28 2022

Voice, Feb 28 2022

       Not a great idea, but definitely halfbaked so have a little crumb [+]
xenzag, Feb 28 2022

       How about making the angle a little less steep? A staircase with a slope of 45 degrees doesn't meet code. The steepest allowed by International Building Code is 32.47 degrees. With that, you can make a building that looks almost but not quite like an equilateral triangle.   

       This design makes it hard to be wheelchair accessible. The maximum slope for a ramp that meets ADA requirements (Americans with Disabilities Act; sorry I'm not familiar with the international equivalent) is 1:12, and requires a landing for every 30 inches of vertical drop. If the hallway is 6 feet wide, the landing must be 6 feet long, so each ramp can be 360 inches long with a 72 inch landing, making the slope 30:432 or a tilt of 3.97 degrees: not nearly as impressive as 45 degrees, but still quite noticeable. Interestingly enough, this is the same as the current angle of the leaning tower of Pisa.   

       Now the question is whether to have individual rooms with level floors or floors to match the angle of the building. If you have level floors in each room (which does make the building a bit more usable), you could have the building angled tipped 3.97 degrees on two axis, giving it an overall angle of I think 5.6 degrees. This building should of course be built at the corner of two roads that both have this same slope so it is perpendicular to the both roads. Alternately, it could be built opposite the slope of the road to exaggerate the angle.
scad mientist, Feb 28 2022

       //wheelchair accessible//
Every "floor" is an escalator or conveyor belt? Furniture can be wall-mounted.
neutrinos_shadow, Feb 28 2022

       [tatterdemalion], that Macao building is actually symmetrical; the other side flares out like that too (but it is a pretty neat photo).
neutrinos_shadow, Mar 01 2022


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