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to help men with embarressing prostate problems
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Dickdabs, a handy absorbent, bell shaped cover for the penis to conceal any unwanted, unexpected drips of urine or indeed any multitudes of sins. This will be pacdkaged in portable container, the size of a pack of tic-tacs. They would appeal to men with prostate and other associated problems. This would aleviate any embarrassing moments at work or when socialising!
murder, Dec 16 2003

Male Incontinence Pads http://www.wisdomking.com/line235073.html
Already stuff out there for this [Helium, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Conveen System for men. http://www.coloplas...582861?OpenDocument
[sufc, Oct 04 2004]


       what like a tissue, you mean?   

       if someone had baked this they would say that they had dibs on dick dabs.   

       oh murder, you slay me :)
po, Dec 16 2003

       Shake it
Helium, Dec 16 2003

       sigh, seems to be my day for bodily function humor...I always thought these would be known as "peenie pads"
normzone, Dec 16 2003

       Fishbone for the mental image of someone at the urinal trying to slide this onto his knob.
kropotkin, Dec 16 2003

       Peenie Pads were memorably 'baked as a faux commercial on Saturday Night Live back when Joe Piscopo was regarded as one of the funniest men on TV.
thumbwax, Dec 16 2003

       Sherbet Dickdabs?
Fishrat, Dec 17 2003

       sherbet wipes ..perhaps ..
skinflaps, Dec 18 2003

       //...back when Joe Piscopo was regarded as one of the funniest men on TV.//   

       (shudder) Ooh, the dark ages!
snarfyguy, Dec 19 2003

       Egg box tissue wash...perhaps.?
skinflaps, Dec 20 2003

       Why not just wear a condom??? [fishrat] I'm unsure exactly what yo8u're thinking of, but what if you mistook your used sherbet dickdab for an ordinary sherbet?!   

       Edit: is the reason I don't get the sherbet thing because I'm female? I'm usally very dirty-minded but I don't get this . . . I have the horrible feeling it should be obvious . . . -_-
SocialSuicide, Apr 05 2009


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